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Stuck On You Dishtowel tute

I have three bridal showers in the next 8 days. So I needed to come up with some cute/practical gifts. I had seen dishtowels that you tied to your oven door handle but thetute I found called for ribbon and I didn’t have any that was wide enough. So I came up with my own rendition. I call it the Stuck On You Dishtowel. I’m making my own tute, in case like me, you are lacking in the ribbon department. You will need: 2 dishtowels, 4- 18″ x 4″ strips for the ties 2- 30″ x 4″ strips for the ruffle. Take one of the 30″ strips and press the short edges 1/4″ under as shown. Stitch one end to finish edge.

Next fold in half with right sides together, stitch the short edge then turn and stitch down the long side. Next clip corners and turn the tube right side out.

Next set your stitch to a basting or gathering stitch and stitch 1/2″ from the seam side of your ruffle. Now you will want to find the middle of your ruffle and the middle of the bottom of your dishtowel. Gather your ruffle, adjust as needed to fit dishtowel. Pin in place matching up ends and center. I placed mine just above the dishtowel’s hem. This way you can kind of feel where you need to sew as you go. Sew the ruffle in place sewing on the gathering stitching. Repeat for the other dishtowel.

Next take one of tie pieces and press the short ends 1/4″ in. Next press the long edges 1/4″ in then stitch in place.Now fold the tie in half long ways as shown. Repeat with other ties.Fold your dishtowel back into thirds. From the center fold, where you would hang the dishtowel over the oven door handel measure 1 1/2″ down and center one of the ties. Pin in place and sew all the way around the tie. Reinforcing where the towel and tie meet. Repeat with the other tie. Now your ready to put the ties on the other dishtowel. Place the dishtowel over your oven door handle and tie ties in square knots. This makes a cute little bow tie. Now enjoy Your Stuck on You Dishtowels or give them as gifts. I have one set done. Only two more sets to go.


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