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My parents are pretty spontaneous.  Growing up my dad was in land development.   This made it hard to find time in the summer for family vacations.  So if there ever was a lull my dad would call from the office and tell my mom to pack the motor home we were going camping.  Then there was a mad dash to get ready.  And when dad got home we would be off to make some fun memories.  

Now that we are all grown my parents still take these spontaneous trips.  Apparently they were talking Friday after getting home from their weekly garage sale venture.  They needed to come up north, where my brother, youngest sister and I live, to deliver a hutch to my sister.  They wanted to do it before the weather turned bad.  They figured since they were busy the next two weekends and the week following those was Thanksgiving they would leave then.  So they packed up the truck and were on their way.

I got a call from them Saturday telling me they were in town and could they stop by.  Well, of course, it’s always good to see the parents.  Then imagine my surprise when they showed up with beauty.  They found it on their garage sale venture.  Mom told the lady selling it she thought her daughter would love it.  My, was she right.  Isn’t it AMAZING!?

Here’s a close up!

Thanks Mom and Dad!


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