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Talk About Night Winds

 This quilt has been a challenge for me from the beginning. First the lovely fabrics were thick and that made it tricky to get points to match up right. Next when cutting the fabric for the center pinwheels I cut the wrong size strip resulting in not having enough to make the quilt as big as I had originally desired. Knowing the fabrics were thicker than my usual quilt I cut the binding bigger than I usually do but it was still tight resulting in a bit of a wrestling match to make it work. I had taken the quilt to finish binding while I volunteered at the Utah Quilt Guild’s Quiltfest and who would of thought it but a tornado hit not far from the convention center resulting in a power outage. This made lighting an issue for my binding. I sat by a large window so I had some light, not the safest choice I realize but what I did not the less, until there was not even enough light there.

 Despite all these obstacles I was somehow able to finish this masculine quilt. Here is the back and I must say I’m quite pleased with the results. I used a layer cake and leftover strips.

 I’m even happy with the quilting. Which I did in swirls the remind me of Van Gogh’s  Stary Night. I found this fitting for the stars and the name of the quilt, Night Winds.

 The pattern is available through United Notions and Checker. It will also soon be up on my website. Linking up with Sarah, Myra and Amanda Jean to celebrate this bumpy finish.


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