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Taming the Scrap Bin

It’s a scrap happy summer day and I thought to start things off we would begin with how to tame all those scraps.  There are several methods.  I’ll share a few.  The method I like I found over at Pleasant Home.  There are several reasons I like this method.  One it reminds me of my artist mother and all her paints arranged by color.   She tried to get me to paint along with my brother and sisters.  I remember one summer she gave us all a canvas, let us pick a picture we wanted to paint and helped us to paint it.  Sadly I’m the only one that never finished mine.  I guess paint is not my medium.  Fabric on the other hand, I could play in all day.  The second reason I like this method is that it doesn’t involve any cutting.  Just throw it in the right bin.

Bonnie Hunt has another method that gets that jumbled mess into usable pieces.  I like this method because it makes for easy mindless sewing later.  But sadly because of my dislike for cutting fabric I’m not very good at it.

You can find another method here that is a combination of the two.

Whatever method you choose make sure it works for you so that you can put those little pretties to good use.


  • Karen says:

    Oh I so need to do this to mine! Was it hard?

  • Mary K says:

    I sort mine into empty plastic cat litter containers. I cut off the top and it gives me a bin (being green and Cheap!). I will have to take a picture and post it. I really like it.

  • StitchinByTheLake says:

    I've tried Bonnie's method and it works, but then I get behind and get overwhelmed. 🙁 I've made up my own method that works for me, for a while. Sooner or later I gather up a tubby of scraps and pass them on to a friend who's better at using them up than me! blessings, marlene

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