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Thank you, Beth

When I first saw Beth’s post on her loom I was intrigued.  The more she showed the more I feel in love with the idea of weaving.  So for Christmas I hinted big (like an email with a link to the site and a message that read “I want this.”)  Lovingly my hubby obliged and I now own a loom. 

Thanks to Beth and You Tube I’ve been able to put it to use.  Beth was so nice.  After trying to explain things through email she sent me her phone number and then talked me through it.  I was so thankful for her tip on tying a string every so many inches to help you keep track of how big your project is getting.  I would never have thought of that and who knows how long my first place mat would be. I am now ready to take off my first project.  OOOO!  I’m excited to see how it turned out.  Stay tuned.  I’ll share my springy place mats soon.  


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