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This is Only A Test

It has been established that in my sewing room I have ADD.  And this weekend was just another example of it.  I know I said I would be starting a wonky liberated flower quilt.  But another idea came to me this weekend.  It involved Dresden plates, which are like flowers.  Because I had not made these Dresden plates before and none of my wedge rulers would create a plate with the number of petals I wanted I decided a test was in order.  So before cutting into the pretty new line I have chosen for this new quilt I decided a couple of test blocks were in order.  So watched a couple youtube videos on making Dresden plates, did a little math, pulled out the two most overflowing scrap bins and began to play.  Here is what I came up with. 

The one above works just right for what I want to do.  The one below  is 1/2″ to big and will not fit in the block size I was thinking of.  So a little more testing is in order. 

And since they are test blocks and not intended for any particular quilt, they just might make it in my wonky liberated flower quilt.  Maybe my ADD is not as bad as I originally though.


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