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I seriously did not think I would have a finish this week. At 5:45 last night I was starting the dishwasher and figured I had about 10 minutes before I had to start fixing dinner. I’ve been wanting to make some headbands using Heather Bailey’s tutorial So I rushed down to my sewing room to put those precious moments to good use. I cut one out and began to sew. Got caught up in the sewing fun and needless to say dinner was a little late. But I made this cute headband.(Myra let me know that the link was not working so I’ve fixed it. It goes to Heather’s blog and from there just scroll down to her free patterns, click on the Horray for Headbands. Sorry about that.)

And after DD went to bed I made another. They are fast and easy to make and oh so cute to wear.

So amazingly I have a finish for Amy’s sew and tell. Small though it may be. Go see what other creative creations have been created this week at Amy’s.

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