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Time for a New List

Nothing makes you feel better than a finish.  

In this basket are few of my recent finishes.  To ensure that those happy feelings keep coming I make lists.  Cause I’m a list kind of girl.  I like to make checks on my lists so I give myself lots of opportunities

   to do this.

Here is my old list.  It was getting hard to read so…

I made a new one.  Do you ever notice how some of your UFOs just stay on the to do list?  The first six on this list were on the last list and three of those were on the list before that.  Why is that?  How do I motivate myself to move them along?  What works for you?


  • liniecat says:

    lol me thinks you procastinate…but then youve got to LURVE what your stitching.
    Maybe its time to flog those unfinished ones as cut up quilts? lol

  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    Finishes are awesome and new beginnings are too. As for the UFOs…if I can't seem to make myself finish them then I don't. I have to sew and be happy and satisfied.

  • Sarah Craig says:

    Sometimes if I have something I just can't seem to get to, I set a short-term goal for the project, then offer myself a reward when I reach that short term goal. Like that upholstery project I can't ever seem to get to? My short term goal would be to put the zipper in the futon fabric, then my reward might be to get a new book or magazine, or work on a personal project for a while! Good luck finding a solution that works for you….

  • Needled Mom says:

    I find that if I reward myself I can get it done. For example…."I will not start that one project I am dying to do until I finish x" !!! Good luck.

  • Magnolia Souls says:

    What about finding someone to do a UFO Swap. Maybe finish each others or do a round robin where it goes to different people to be worked on and they send you their project. It just might come back as something totally different than what it had aspired to be. I've done Round robins by sending out a blank object and it was really fun. Each person wrote in a small book about themselves and what inspired them to do what they did to the project.

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