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I have been seeing lots of little tuffets out their in blogland. They are so cute that I just feel in love and knew I had to make some. Yesterday I held a luncheon for the wonderful ladies that will be helping me next year in my guild. I thought these would make lovely gifts. I was short on time so I pulled out my drawer of 1 1/2″ squares and made a bunch of nine patches. Then I pulled out my drawer of 3 1/2″ squares. Oh it was so nice not to have to cut anything out. I put these right sides together and stitched around leaving a little opening to turn them and fill them. I stole one of my hubbies funnels he had in the garage and used it to fill them with crushed walnut shells. Then hand stitched up the opening. Isn’t this just the cutest mini pincushion? They looked so cute in my basket that after I had given my first batch away to my board members. I had to make a bunch just for decoration.


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