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You may remember this quilt from here.  Originally it was for my baby nephew, James, but his mom picked this quilt instead.  Because it was no longer to finish the quilt it hung on the clothes line.  Well, when my sister, Lori was here I realized I never made a quilt for her son, Jonathan.  I usually make a quilt for my nieces and nephews when they turn eight.  Somehow his eighth birthday slipped by me.  It was in November, bad aunt, I know.  Well needless to say this quilt came off the clothes line. 

I knew I wanted to do prairie points to go with the points in the star.  I found a great tute here.  I followed the cutting.

And part of the folding process.

But when it had me glue the points in the second folding process I became a bit of a rebel.  I folded accordingly but only used spray starch.

But because I like my points to nest I skipped the glue. Then as I folded the points into each other I lifted the flap of each one.

And basted them until I had enough to go around the quilt.

I love the effect these little points have on the quilt.

I sure hope Jonathan does.  It’s on it’s way to him in Cali as you read. 


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