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Tuesday Tutorial

It’s summer time and although that means a little more laid back lifestyle I find it also means less time for sewing. But sometimes you need a quick quilt for a gift. The Charming quilt is just the ticket.

No seams to match, can easily be made from pre-cuts and goes together really fast.

To make this quilt you will need two charm packs and a 3/4 yard of fabric for borders. I used these. Next cut 5 of your charms in half. Then sew one of these to eight of your charms to make a row. Make nine rows.

For some reason this pic is turned and I can’t get it to turn back. Anyway, start your first row with a half charm square. With the next row end with a half charm square. Continue alternating rows for remaining seven rows. Then sew your rows together.

For borders cut 5-5″ strips the width of the fabric. Measure your sides. They should be 42 1/2″. Cut two of your strips to fit and sew them on the sides. Now measure your top and bottom. It should measure 48 1/2″. Sew the remaining three strips together and cut two strips to fit. Sew these on the top and bottom. Now wasn’t that easy? You can easily adjust the size by adding more charms to your rows and adding more rows.


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