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Tuesday Tutorial~ Fast Nine Patches

 First off Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you have fun sharing candy, cards and love with your sweethearts. Now on to the tutorial. The nine patch is such a classic. So many great quilts can be made with it. Sarah did a fun series last year called Nifty Nines. She offered many great designs and tutorials. I realized while preparing for this blog that I’ve made several variations on the nine patch: maverick stars, wonky flowers, and disappearing nine patches. A tutorial for that can be found here.   I made these nine patch blocks as part of a bee.

And this Quilty hug was a group effort.

I don’t know how I could have missed making a simple nine patch. Especially since it is so scrap friendly. Well I plan to remedy that. While watching videos in prepartion for learning to use my go I came across this video. 


I thought if I can cut squares from strips why not from strip sets? So I tried it. I took strips I had cut with my 2 1/2″ strip cutter. I found that you want them at least 8″ long. You will need three sets of strips from two different fabrics.

 I then sewed them in sets of three as shown. and placed them on my Go cutter so the blades run across the strips. Run this through your Go.

 You get six sets of three that will make two nine patches. I could fit one more set of three so you can start another set of nine patches quick and easy.

I haven’t tried layers yet. I’ll let you know when I do. Even if they don’t work three blocks with one swipe through the Go is pretty good. You can find where to get a Go and a discount on dies on my side bar.


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