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Tuesday Tutorial ~ Partial Seams

 Sometimes in quilting not everything fits in a nice grid pattern.

Twisted posy

 Fortunately that is okay, quilters are resourceful, we can think outside the box; applique, y seams and partial seams are all examples of this.

Naughty Garden

 As the next step in the Scrappy Bear Paw has partial seams I thought it fitting to do a tutorial on just that today.

Crazy Love

Place your two pieces together that will make the partial seam and sew about 3/4 of the way down the shorter side.

 Next sew the adjoining piece to the side next to the partial seam.

 Once you open this up you will have what you need to continue the seam.

I like to pin this and then overlap my seam a little and continue sewing the seam.

 This method allows you to put blocks together that are not all the same size in a manner similar to this in addition to the other quilts posted here. Let me know if you have questions. I realized while writing this tutorial that the pictures I took during the process may not have given the clearest methodology. If there is a lot of confusion I may revisit this with different pictures.

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