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Tuesday Tutorial ~ Piecing Batting

This is the Quilty Hug I was quilting when I got my bad news Thursday. It’s bond and ready to bring a little comfort. 

 With all the Quilty Hugs my group does I buy batting by the bolt. I buy a 20/80 poly/cotton blend that is 120″ wide. I like this extra wide batting because it usually allows me to get two quilts from the width.  Once in a while the width is a little short and I need to add a little. I thought I’d share today how I do it that. First I made sure my edges are straight.

 Once the two edges are straight I but them up against each other. Place my sewing machine on a wide zig zag, but up the two edges lining up where they meet with the center of my presser foot, then zig zag along the intended seam.

 When I’m done it looks like this. The nice thing is there is no extra bulk with the seam. I can also use up those extra strips that sometimes occur.

As an added bonus I’m sharing how I quilted the above quilt. It is also a design from Whirls and Swirls.

I have found watching how she does it rather than just seeing the design really helps me. So I’m attaching the video. 


  • Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    I only do my batting like that sometimes as I normally do not have the machine out that does the zigzag! if I had room to leave out both machines all the time I would use this method for sure

  • Tami Von Zalez says:

    Great idea! I usually just whip stitch the two batting pieces together.

  • Kleine Vingers says:

    I join my batting like that and it works very well. Greetings

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