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Tuesday Tutorial

I love to play with a block and find new and different ways to use it. Majestic Mountains is a block I have played a lot with. I like it because it is pre-cut friendly, a layer cake and some background fabric and you’ve got endless possibilities. Here are just a few.

For today’s tutorial I thought I would share how you make the block and let you experiment to see what you come up with. Take two squares, I’m using 10″ aka layer cake size. Draw a diagonal line through it. Sorry it’s hard to see in the picture.

 Place it right sides together with another 10″ square. Sew 1/4″ on either side of the line you drew.

 Cut on diagonal line and press open.

 Cut into equal segments, for the layer cake size I use 2 3/8″. The last strip is actually 2 1/2″ but it’s such a small difference I don’t worry about it.

 Reverse the order of your strips and sew together. There you have it a Majestic Mountain block.


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