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Turn Down The Volume

If you are here visiting from Oh Scrap, welcome.  Hope you will take some time to look around and enjoy yourself.  Cynthia thought it would be fun for me to share my low volume quilts.  Low volume is the modern quilters term for what our grandmothers called shirtings.  

 Low volume fabrics read as light but have a pattern to them. I like them because they add texture and interest to my quilts.

 They don’t need to have a cream or white background.  You will notice a few of mine are very light blues, yellows, and pinks.  You just want them to read light.  You can check this by setting your camera on a black and white setting.  If your fabric looks white or almost white, you have a low volume fabric.

 Low volume prints are perfect for background on applique projects.  I like to piece my applique backgrounds randomly.  You can do this or do evenly pieced squares, rectangles, or strips.

 They add interest to scrappy projects by replacing a set background with various low volume fabrics.

 I recommend starting a bin of low volume scraps if you haven’t already.  You can add a few solids to this bin.  They will fit in and add interest to your quilt.  But you will want the majority to have the secondary print.

So when inspiration strikes you are ready to play.  If you are  looking for inspiration Google and Pinterest are full of ideas.  Just search low volume quilts.  Have fun!


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