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Today’s featured tutorial is from Cassandra at The not so Dramatic Life. I chose this cute little tute because I thought it was perfect for my DD, her friends, and the many young women in my life. Many of them are starting to drive and this little pouch is perfect for carrying a driver’s license and a little cash without having to carry a big bulky purse or bag. It has a grommet so you can hook a key ring in it to keep your keys close by.  That’s important when you’re just starting to drive. It’s like a status symbol. It would also be perfect for at the gym to hold your membership card while you work out.  Actually it would be good for a number of things. Can you see why I picked it?

Another great thing about this little pouch is that it’s quick and easy to make.  I think many of those wonderful young women could do it themselves. Pop on over to Cassandra’s tutorial and make one of your own. 

Or make them in bulk and share them with those fun teens in your life.


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