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One of my favorite things this Thanksgiving was hand sewing with my nieces, Mary and Rachel.  Mary is 7 and is becoming quite good with her sewing.  Her stitches are small and although not quite even they are close.  I’m thrilled with her progress and so excited about having her as a sewing partner.  Rachel is four and enjoys sewing with the big girls.  She had a hard time remembering to pull the thread all the way through.  I spent a lot of time untangling and threading needles for her, small price to pay for a future quilter. And I was still able to make a little progress on my hexi star quilt.

Back at home I was able to add borders around my Radiant Star for Josh.

I’m not quite sure where I want to go from here.  At 70″ square it’s not quite big enough for his bed. I’m toying with flying geese or a play on a nine patch.  I’ll have to audition a few ideas to see what I like best.


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