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Twinkle Twinkle

Remember my wishing stars? I made them to teach one of my classes at Panguitch. I really enjoyed the lovely ladies in my Harvest Sky class. I enjoyed the ladies in the Sugar and Spice class also. But airhead that I am I forgot to take pictures of their lovely work. But a light came on at the end of this class and I remembered to take pictures. Here is one of Robyn’s blocks. This scrappy beauty belongs to Julie

The light just went off in my head. I can’t remember this sweet ladies name. But I can tell you she is the lovely E’s mother in law. Who by the way I got to meet at the Quilt Walk. Along with her sweet little girl. Who you could hear calling her grandma all the way down the hall. It was so cute. Thanks to E I now know her name. This is Patti’s block. So sorry Patti for forgetting your name.

And this fabulous one is by E’s, Aunt Marilyn. Don’t you just love the wavy center in the star.

Thank you ladies for taking my class. I hope you had as much fun as I did. It was so nice to meet you and spend the day with each of you.


  • pinksuedeshoe says:

    MIL is Patti :o) So fun to meet you!

  • hetty says:

    Your students did some wonderful work! Glad the light went on so you could take some photos!

  • Jan Marie says:

    This looked like a great class. I came in to take pictures and got so caught up in the excitement I didn't get any pictures either.

  • Nedra says:

    I am friends with Gayle Burton, and when she saw us together on my blog, she e-mailed me. I have learned that she took you to your first quilt guild meeting, and that she has met many of your family members. Don't you just love Gayle? What a small world!

  • Unknown says:

    Such fun! I love how unique they each are 🙂

  • *karendianne. says:

    Oh Em. Oh friend. These are so lovely. Enormous success and joy my friend. Enormous. So happy for everyone!!!

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