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Uncut Diamonds and Christmas Fun

Yesterday I took some time and sewed up my uncut diamond blocks, tutorial on previous post. Chaining the rows and then sewing them together. Slowly it grew as I pressed between rows.

 Until I had a completed top. I’m in love with this finish. Now to baste and figure out how I’m going to quilt it.  Any suggestions?

Tuesday night kept me busy with lots of Christmas fun. First I took my nieces to a fun Christmas party. We decorated cupcakes, made ornaments, played Twister and….

 Visited with Santa.

 Just as we were finishing up my hubby called to see if I would be able to go with him to meet his sister. My hubby is adopted and earlier this year found his birth parents. This find has led to finding three brothers and a sister. While we had talked on the phone and emailed we had not met his sister in person. She was here skiing. (Utah does have the best snow on earth.) So I met him at my sisters and headed up the canyon to meet his sister, her sister and their hubbies. It was a lovely evening, piecing together info on their birth father.


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