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WAGI Sugar Bee Crafts

My DD is into photography so when I saw these sweet photo necklaces from Sugar Bee crafts I knew I needed to include them in my What a Great Idea Wednesday.  DD and her friends just did a photo shoot up in the mountains with all the beautiful fall colors.  We thing those photos made into these necklaces will make great Christmas presents for her friends.   

Using your own photos these necklaces would make great personal gifts for moms, grandmas, sisters, and friends.  For a less personal gift, say for a co worker, these ones made with cute craft paper would make a nice inexpensive gift.  Sugar Bee has a coupon you can use on supplies.  It enables you to make 20 for less than $30.  Now that’s a steal!

Find the tutorial and coupon here.  Make sure you checkout the rest of their site.  It is loaded with lots of great ideas and fun projects.

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