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Warms My Heart

I almost never know what happens with the quilts that I donate to chemo labs.  I drop them off and trust that they will be given to those in need.  Well the other day a nurse at one of the labs told me this story so I thought I would share it with you along with this special quilty hug made by Pattilou.

It was a cold rainy day and this lady came in to have her treatment.  The nurse got her all hooked up and ready to go with her treatment then gave her a quilty hug.  She couldn’t believe it was for her.  She kept asking over and over again if it was hers to keep.  She was a sure that it was.  She snuggled under it while she received her treatment.  When she was done she wrapped the quilty hug around her and wore it home.

Hearing this just warmed my heart.  Thank you everyone who has donate a quilty hug.  They really make a difference.


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