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Here is my mountain of laundry for today, sigh. I have a few children that think the way to clean their room is to grab all clothes on the floor and throw them in the dirty clothes, whether they are dirty or not. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?

My only consolation is that while the washer and dryer are busy doing their thing I can quilt. I started quilting Josh’s quilt this weekend. I am quilting random stars and swirls on it. I do it on my Bernina. I do all my quilts that way. Little by little I am improving at this method. The local quilt shop wants me to take a class, but I don’t feel confident in my ability yet. I have taught myself this method. I heard a lecture by Paula Reid, visited her website http://www.battsintheattic.com/ , and then just went to town on my quilts. I am taking a class in September. I told the owner after that I would teach the class. Makes me nervous to teach but If you don’t get out of your comfort zone once in a while how will you grow. So wish me luck.

Here is the quilt I am quilting now. You may recognize it from my first post. Happy Quilting!


  • Finn says:

    Hi Em, thank you for stopping by at Pieces *VBS* It always fun to see a new face. I see you are new tro blogland, welcome *VBS*
    Yup, I’m a scrapbag quilter. Always have been and probably always will. I have a hard time making a quilt from just a few fabrics.
    Love the stars in the one you are quilting now. Those sawtooth stars look awesome with the plaid 4 patch centers!! I’ll be back to read more. I remember the laundry well, having raised 5 kidlets, one Dad and a dear husband.Just keeping stitchin’ while it does it thing. Hugs, Finn

  • Joanna says:

    Laundry – ugh. Bane of my existence lol! I don’t mind so much doing it and folding it, but putting it away – worst job ever! I have had many piles just like your one – you are not alone!!!

  • Debbie says:

    Congrats on getting at your machine quilting…. the only way to get better is to “just do it”!!! you will be amazed at how fast it will quilt up!

  • swooze says:

    My daughter does that and it makes me crazy! The only solution I have is to not put clothes in their room and after 1-2 weeks let the clothes they retrieved from the laundry room be all they need and bag up the rest. The issue may be they have TOO many clothes.

  • Lyn says:

    Hi Em, I have the same laundry problem in our house, drives me crazy as well.Love the quilt you are machine quilting.I have not tried it yet on my machine,only small projects. Thank you for your comment. Warmest Regards Lyn

  • Nedra says:

    Welcome to Quilting Bloggers! We now have 26 of us in Utah. I started blogging a little over a month ago and at the time that I joined there were around 16 or 17 of us. I moved from Draper to St.George about 2 years ago. I love the quilt shops in Centerville. Keep up the good work! –Nedra@cactus needle

  • Carol says:

    Hi Em, beautiful quilt. I think you will enjoy teaching if you decide to do that. I have done that a few times at my local quilt shop. The first time I was rather scared. I was teaching a log cabin block but after that it has been lots of fun.

  • Cheryl says:

    Hi Em, I think I can out do your laundry pile…. when my family was growing up I tried putting a separate laundry hamper in each bedroom but it didn’t help – lol! Oh well, that’s why bedrooms have doors I guess…
    Your scrap quilts are lovely, good luck with your teaching. I have taught quite a few machine quilting classes and still get butterflies. Just remember to have fun!

  • Anna M. says:

    I am so impressed that you do the quilting! I have always wanted to be able to do that, but I just don’t have the talent (or the patience) for it…so I always have to send it to someone. That quilt is going to be so great when you get it finished! =)

  • Jeanette says:

    I am impressed. I have only done table runners on my machine and it frustrates me so bad I have to do it in sessions LOL

    I love the quilt, I too like scrappy quilts the best, they have so much character.

    Which store will you be teaching at? I think the only quilt store I have been to in Centerville is the one by Albertsons, is that the one?

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