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Not a lot of sewing going on here over the three day weekend. I did make some of Jacquie’s hot pads in Stephanie’s style. But I forgot to take a picture of them before I gave them away as birthday gifts to a couple of friends. Where does my brain go when it leaves me? I wonder this a lot.

So I’m sharing with you my families greeter. He lives on our front porch. The first time I met him he was in my living room. I woke up to his smiling face. Alex made him in his metal scultpting class. The art class his advisor at college said would be the best for someone going into engineering. I like this happy fellow. And I like him a lot better on my porch than in my living room. He is quite a conversation piece. My neighbors ask, “What is on your porch?” Grandma wants one for her yard. Sadly we do not have a metal shop and Alex is no longer in metal sculpting. So she will just have to come and visit. He will kindly greet her every time she does, along with anyone else that would like to come and visit. Welcome one and all.

I also read The Hunger Games this weekend. It was a great book. I could not put it down. I am now waiting for the next one in the series to be available at the library. It may take a while. These are the most popular books at my library right now and #163 on the waiting list.

Today I got to teach art in DD’s class. The featured artist was Alexander Calder. I was so happy to learn his studio was messy and he loved to use scraps. I felt we were kindred spirits. The children got to make mobiles. It was a fun project. I love teaching children art.

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  • Unknown says:

    It is great that you have a greeter that has quite a wonderful story. He is also something that you will cherish forever. I agree with you, I love to teach kids. They really take it all in and love to learn.

  • Jan says:

    You'll love Catching Fire, as much as the Hunger games. The third one will be out in August, but I don't remember the title. You'll be happy to know Collins is working on the screenplay for the Hunger Games.

  • Needled Mom says:

    I love the greeter! Yes, I would prefer him there to my front room too.

  • Anita says:

    I love your greeter, it's a pity Alex isn't still doing the class! Sounds like you've been busy having a great read. Kind regards, Anita.

  • Shari says:

    I just love Alex's sculpture! Be sure and tell him it's just fabulous!

    Working with kids can be so rewarding – I did a bit of that before I had to go back to work full time… lot's of prep for the little ones but so much fun with them!

    Hugs – Shari

  • Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie says:

    I love your greeter, Alex's work is great.
    I do the same thing with taking pictures, forgetting all the time and then it's too late. You'll just have to make more pot holders to show us.
    Keep Stitchen'

  • Ginger Patches says:

    I loved The Hunger Games! I have Catching Fire on my shelf but I'm waiting for the third one to come out before I read it because I heard it ends with a cliff hanger. You should go ahead and put your name down on that one at the same time!!

  • A Spoonful Of Sugar says:

    Lucky you having such a clever son to make you such an interesting sculpture. Sarah is doing some metal work as school this term – can't wait to see what she makes.

  • hetty says:

    Love your greeter! It seems that creativity runs in your family!

  • *karendianne. says:

    From a happy greeter to a happy scrappy art class. What a lovely post my friend. I really enjoyed this visit. Truly.

  • StitchinByTheLake says:

    Loved the greeter – I once visited a house where they had a butler (mannequin) complete with tuxedo and tray to put your keys on when you got home standing in their front hall. I read The Hunger Games recently – excellent. blessings, marlene

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