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What a Great Idea Wednesday

Recently I had a booth next to Marcea of Abbey Lane Quilts.  After listening to her tell about her fabulous Beetle Bag I knew I had to include it in my What a Great Idea series.  

 It was originally designed as a on the go sewing kit, but let me tell you the possibilities for this bag are endless.  There are just so many wonderful ways to cross of many people on your gift list.  Make it in manly fabrics and it could be used for fishing, holding small tools and first aid supplies while four wheeling or motorcycling.  In kiddie fabric it could be used to hold quiet toys and snacks for travel or church.  Your teenage daughter can use it for hair ties and make up.  Like I said the possibilities are endless.

 You can find the Beatle Bag pattern here.  It comes with the bags included. Marcea also sells refills of the bags so you can make a bunch of these little wonders and cross of many names on your gift list.


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