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Whoopie!!!  We are doing a happy dance here.  Finishing a quilt is such a joyous thing.  The anticipation builds as you sew the binding on.   Growing as you round each corner and colminating in sure bliss as you put in the last few stitches.  Oh I just love it.  Makes me want to scream and shout.  Share the happy news with the world.  So that’s just what I’m doing.  Linking up with Sarah and the others doing their happy dance, sharing their joyous news.  Make sure you hop on over and celebrate with everyone.

While over at Sarahs make sure you check out the good things she is up to with her Hands 2 Help Charity Challenge.  Perhaps you will join in.  Make a few quilts of your own.  Feel that joy.  Do your own happy dance and then share it with others.


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