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Wild Goose Chase Block 6

My time flies when your having fun.  I can’t believe we are already to week six of our Wild Goose Chase.  Here is this weeks block.

To begin here are the directions if you are not using the Nifty Notions ruler.  For each goose, there are 8, you will need to cut. 

1- 4″ square of sky fabric

1- 4″ square for larger geese unit

2- 1 1/2″ squares for smaller geese unit

Next draw a line diagonally through your sky fabric. 

Sew a 1/4″ on either side of this line.

Cut on line

Press open and square to 3 1/2″.

Next take one of your smaller geese units and draw a diagonal line through it.  Sorry I didn’t realize my line doesn’t show up in the picture.  I promise it is there.

Place it right sides together with the half square trianges you made in the previous step and sew on line.

Trim seam allowance and press open. 

Repeat the other half square triangle.

Place the units you just made together so they form a flying geese block. 

Pin where points meet and sew together.

You now have a lovely little flying goose.  Make the remaining seven.

If you are using the Nifty Notions rulers for each flying geese you will need to cut

2- half square triangles of sky fabric from a 3 1/2″ strip

2- half square trinagles for the larger geese unit from a 3 1/2″ strip

2- 1 1/2″ squares

First place a hst of sky right sides together with a hst of geese fabric. 

Sew in place and repeat with remaining hst

Press open

Draw a diagonal line on your 2- 1 1/2″ squares/

Place in corner of your hst and sew on diagonal line.

Trim seam allowance.

Repeat with other hst.

Place your two units together so they form a flying geese block.

Put right sides together and pin in place.

Sew together.

There you have a lovely little flying geese block. 

Now make 7 more.

Arrange your geese blocks in two rows of four.

Sew into rows.

Sew your rows together and enjoy your lovely block.

See you next week.


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