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Wild Goose Chase Pillows

In the last year, sadly my brother in law, Jon, has lost both of his parents.  When I asked my sister if there was anything I could do she asked if I could make some pillows out of feathers from birds, Jon and his father had hunted. and she gave me a bag of feathers.  I wondered what was the best way to go about this and of course called my mom.  Apparently she had made a down coat for my dad once and told me I would have feathers everywhere.  Armed with this knowledge I made to pillow forms and took them and my bag of feathers outside.  As I stuffed them my dog Spike, had a great time chasing the strays.

Once the pillow forms were made they sat in my sewing room for a month or sew.  This weekend after getting the binding sewing on my DWR I decided I had better finish these up.  A grab a couple of blocks from my Wild Goose Chase. I thought they were fitting for the feathers.   

I’m pleased with how they turned out and was happy that Jon liked them also.

 If you would like to make a couple of these pillows just grab a couple of 12″ pillow forms, unless you too have a bag of feathers. Then follow one of my Wild Goose Chase tutorials.  I used this one and this one.   The rest can be found on my tutorial page.


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