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Working Together

Working with my sister, Julie, is something I truly enjoy.  Combining our talents and feeding off each other it is fun to watch a project come to fruition.  When we first started working with Julie’s Salt Air line she sent me some quilt ideas.  The one below she liked but didn’t know if we could make it into a quilt since she could not get everything to line up on the computer. 

I knew it was possible.  I had done something similar with a stack and whack a few years back.  But I thought writing a pattern for it might be difficult.  I asked her if we could simplify the background.  She gave the go ahead and Sea Stars was born.

I love this quilt! The giant stars just speak to me.  I love snuggling up in it. I so wish I could have got it done for market.  But if you remember from this post I was a little busy with the other quilts.  Well things have slowed down a bit and Sea Star is now done.  The pattern is now available through Untied Notions and on my website, along with the rest of the Salt Air quilts featured at fall market.


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