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My children have a wonderful piano teacher. I am so thankful for her and the way she shares her talent with them as she helps them to develop their own talent. Just before Christmas she asked if I would be willing to trade piano lessons for a quilt. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant. I’ve never made a quilt for someone for money. And although technically this would not be for money how do I decide what is fair for both of us. But once we got talking I felt better about it. And truth be told I don’t mind just making a quilt for her.

Our lives are woven together on so many levels. Not only is she my children’s piano teacher. Her hubby was my N’s scout leader. Her daughter is my dear friend. Her son in law is my J’s young men leader at church. And I teach her grandchildren in primary. And life would not be complete if we were unable to wave to her father in law as he rides his horse through our neighborhood. So I thought it was so appropriate that after she chose a sampler for the quilt style that the fabric she chose was woven homespuns.

So I’ve pulled out my homespuns and she brought up some she had. Then I set to putting our fabrics together to make these blocks. I’m loving how this is coming together. The symbolism of it all. The sharing of our talents to help each other.

After all isn’t that what life is all about. Posted by Picasa


  • Kathy says:

    What a wonderful trade. I love the quilt and can't wait to see the final project.

  • Anita says:

    Em, How fascinating is your situation with the piano teacher. Not a whole lot of people could have a story like that and it just proves that threads really stitch us together. How lovely and nice for you all. Kind regards, Anita.

  • Mikol says:

    I love it. That is so neat that you are trading services with each other. Looking forward to seeing it all done.

  • Joyce says:

    You are so right. I love the quilt you are making.

  • Unknown says:

    A terrific way to pay tribute to a friend and teacher! She will love it when it is done!

  • Anonymous says:

    The blocks are awesome! It is going to be a beautiful quilt. Isn't it fun to make a quilt for someone who you know will love it and know the value of the hard work you've done? She is going to be so happy with it!!

  • Needled Mom says:

    It will be gorgeous and will have so much tied up in the woven lives you have shared. This is a great idea.

  • QuiltedSimple says:

    these blocks are wonderful – it will be absolutely beatufiul when you are done

  • Connie says:

    IT is so wondreful to have good friends, Great count your blessing enough. Love the homespum quilt. HAPPY SEWING!

  • Stina Blomgren says:

    Homespuns… it is something special … like the blocks..:o)

  • julieQ says:

    Your sentiment is lovely! as are your blocks. I love plaids!

  • *karendianne. says:

    Oh Em, my friend, need I say anything more than reading your blog can be like reading a rare book. *karendianne. who thinks she'll leave it at that.

  • StitchinByTheLake says:

    What a wonderful trade! It wouldn't be the same if it was someone you didn't know but this is perfect. She's going to love it. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  • Lynda says:

    Life is so much better because of all those inter-twinings (is that a word!). The quilt is going to be perfect.

  • Anonymous says:

    It's great that your lives have so many intersections! I hear what you say about the reluctance to enter into what is in effect a financial transaction – they say to never mix friendship and 'money', but I am sure you will do fine – love the homespuns!

  • Wanda says:

    I think this is a GREAT trade! Piano teachers leave their mark on alot of kids. And I'm sure the kids leave marks on the teachers. Nice trade and I'm so glad you didn't hesitate too much!

  • Nanette Merrill says:

    It is really fun to see home spun wovens in a quilt.

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