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By July 31, 2008March 31st, 2020Blog

I have been quilting for the past 12 years. I like so many other quilters have collected quite a stash. Bins and bins of fabric line shelfs in my laundry/sewing room. A lot more sewing goes on there than laundry. And considering I have a family of six I do a lot of laundry. But while the washer agitates and the dryer whirls my sewing machine hums along and I am able to bear the mountains of wash one husband, three teenage boys and one sweet little girl make. Back to the fabric. I have a bin for every color in the rainbow and then some. I love to rummage through them to create quilts. Somehow they never seem to be depleated. This is most likely due to the fact that I also love to visit the local quilt shops. All those yards and yards of fabric just create so many possiblities in my mind. And one must keep one’s mind busy. They say it helps to ward off Alzhimers. Heaven knows I have enough momnisia (mom having to remember all her stuff plus the families too that she forgets most of it) that I don’t need Alzhimers to boot. So to the quilt shop I must go.

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