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You may Have Seen Us In the News

You may have seen my little town of Centerville, Utah on the news yesterday.  It was a little windy here.  In fact wind gusts hit over 100mph in our neck of the woods.  Family and friends tried to get a hold of me but phone lines were down and the power was out and sadly my cell phone was dead.   So I was oblivious to that.  Instead DD and I watched out our front window while this tree blew over and our shingles flew pel-mel.  We also made bracelets from the previous post until we ran out of buttons.  And enjoyed sitting in front of the fire.

Just down the street this poor family’s cars were covered by trees.

Trampolines went to visit the neighbors.  Sheds blew away.  It was quite a mess.

But as the winds died down my wonderful neighbors came out to check on one another and help with the clean up.  So despite the winds this is a pretty great place to live.


  • Sarah Craig says:

    So glad you're ok!

  • Pat says:

    High winds are very scary. Thanks for posting that you are okay.

  • pcflamingo says:

    Oh my good gravy. Way too much excitement. Glad to hear that you are OK. I had to laugh about the trampolines visiting the neighbors.

  • Shari says:

    Must have been a wild time! Glad no one was hurt. And loved your button bracelet…

  • Deanna says:

    Here a little farther north it wasn't quite as bad, but not much better. So glad to hear that you are safe!

  • Keep Stitchin' says:

    Oh my! I hadn't caught the news at all this past week. Scary! Glad all is okay by you and nobody was hurt. We've been through a lot of different storms in this neck of the woods (WI), from tornadoes, high winds, blizzards and wicked rain storms. They're kind of neat as long as nobody gets hurt, but sometimes the damage can be nasty! Great way for you to pass the time. Trudy

  • Needled Mom says:

    Those were some wicked winds!!! I am glad all are okay and that the best of all has shown through.

  • *karendianne. says:

    Gee Wiz! I'm so glad y'all are okay and my prayers to all those that were dealt a heavy blow (no pun intended) at this time of year especially.

  • Nanette Merrill says:

    Glad you weren't hit too hard. How many days was your power out?

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