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Young Women of Excellence

A while back I had the privileged of working with some wonderful young women.  Their leader had asked me to come and teach them how to make my Sugar and Spice quilt.  It was an enjoyable evening, listening to these girls chat as I showed them how to embroider the faces, hands and feet on their little girls.

Once the evening was over I wondered how many would finish them.  I was delighted, when at their Young Women Night of Excellence, there were three beautiful quilts.  Ellie’s above, Christina’s below and then Nina’s.

I love how they put one of the Young Women Values; faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability  good works, integrity, and virtue, below each little girl.  

I am thankful to have these young women in my life.  It has been amazing to see their growth as they have grown from little girls into beautiful young women.

I appreciate their example not only to my DD but to myself.

They truly are young women of excellence.


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