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Zig Zag and Click Clack

By November 13, 2008March 31st, 2020Blog

Zip zip zip through the machine and look what we have… A zig zaggy rainbow on the pathetic design wall. Joyce gave me a good idea on how to remedy this, the design wall. My goal is to do it in the new year. Would love to do it now but realistically know it will not happen.

Added a black border.

Now I’m cutting more hst for another border. Not quite sure how this one will come together. I have several ideas floating around in my head. Oh what fun floating ideas are! Can’t wait to see which one lands and sticks.I also finally took down the Halloween quilt that was hanging here. Not bad Halloween is not even two weeks past. Thought my Underground Railroad would look nice here. It’s a bit bigger than the rack. So it hangs away from the wall because the pegs that hold the bar are in the way. I tried to tack it up but the end that I have to dangle over the stairs to tack is not cooperating. You can see the painters tape in the left hand corner. I’ve got to figure something out. Maybe a floating idea will present itself here also. Here’s hoping.

Thanks for stopping by and always have a great day!


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