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I love this scrappy quilt.  I have taught this class several times at various retreats ( I’ll be teaching it in St George this January) and I love every color combination I have seen it in.  It is so versatile.  This picture of it is also a favorite.  I love how it shows the whole top so well.  But my favorite part is the feet at the bottom.  They make me laugh, like my quilt has sprouted legs and now is something like a Sponge Bob character.

This quilt is something of a mascot anyway it is the quilt Ginger and I use to let people know about Boxes of Love.  What is a Box of Love you ask.  Let me tell you.  It contains a quilty hug, resource information, and product samples a nice gift for someone battling the awful disease cancer.  The pattern is now available on my website.  You can also find dollar download patterns the proceeds from these patterns help me buy batting and backing for more quilty hugs.

Speaking of quilty hugs, every year our neighborhood gets together and ties quilts to give to charities.  The whole family gets involved and it’s a fun time to chat with neighbors.

Together we tied 13 quilts for the local women’s shelter.

Now that’s a lot of quilty hugs.


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