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Four Patch Quilt Possibilities

A four patch quilt is simple scrap friendly and full of possibility. Whether you simply use the traditional four patch. Mix things up with different patches. Try combining it with alternate blocks. Or frame it with sashing. The four patch quilt block will have you scrap busting beautiful quilts in no time.

Making Four Patches

Four patches can be made by simply combining four fabric squares of the same size. I did this after my knee surgery. A bin of pre cut 2 1/2″ squares, a pillow on my garbage can to keep my knee propped up, and I found my happy place to recover. This quilt was the result of that therapeutic sewing.

By changing up the color of the alternate background squares you get a whole new look. This quilt is an example of what is possible.

If you have strips instead of squares and what a quick method for making four patches. Try this method.

Alternate patches

Expand what’s possible by using other elements in your four squares. Try half square triangles, rail fence or lozenge blocks to give your four patches a different look.
The Jacob’s ladder block is an example of this. I have a on demand workshop that takes this classic block, twists it and turns it to create 12 different layouts. Expand those layouts as you learn how color and value placement affects the look of each layout.

Scaling & Slicing

Or take the four patch block and play with scale. Like I did with the four ever scrap buster. This block offers endless layouts. You will receive four options with my pattern.

Another possibility is to slice the block once it is made to create a disappearing four patch. Learn how with this tutorial.

What four patch quilt will you come up with. Be sure to share it in the Facebook group.

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