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Discover the Joy of this Simple Quilt Block

I find making the simple four patch quilt block healing.   In fact after my first knee surgery I propped my knee up on a garbage can with a pillow on top and made four patches for hours.   It killed the boredom of not being able to do much.  Plus I was able to bust through a bunch of pre cut 2 1/2″ squares.   This quilt was the result of all that healing sewing.

I recently gave this quilt a new spin by changing up the background a bit. I used a combination of charm packs; Simply Delightful by Sherri and Chelsi, Zinnia and Love Lily by April Rosenthal.  This sister quilt can be found in March/April issue of Quilt Maker Magazine.  Make sure to pick up a copy.  It is full of fun scrappy quilts to make.

So whether you need some healing sewing. Or maybe a little mindless sewing is in order.  These four patches also make a great leader and ender project. The basic four patch is a good go to.

Another fun way to play with four patches is to turn them into disappearing four patches.  This scrappy rainbow quilt was made using disappearing four patches.  See more layout options and gain access to my quick video tutorial on this blog post.

Looking for more fun ways to use the four patch quilt block?  Check out this blog post.

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