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7 Quilt Blocks that Create Movement

Have you ever wondered why some quilts have you looking for hours?  Why your eye naturally moves around the quilt discovering new elements?  It may be because the quilter chose blocks that create movement.  Would you like to achieve this effect.  These five quilt blocks are perfect for moving the viewer’s eye around your quilt.

The rail fence block is a great way to create movement in your quilt.  It has the power to move the eye diagonally through a quilt.  I used this affect in the baby quilt I made for my grandson.  Give a rippling affect for the sailboat to sail on. I compounded that effect by quilting echoing waves, Quilting can also be a great way to add movement to your quilt.

Pinwheels are another way to add movement to your quilt, drawing the eye around the quilt.  Blowin’ in the Wind is a good example of this.  You can find the pattern in my Crumb Quilts Book

A friendship star like the pinwheel creates a spin in the quilt.  While the majestic mountain and chevron are blocks that create movement in a zig zag pattern.

Maxine’s challenge quilt

Braids are another way to move the eye across your quilt.  I like to cut my strips for my braids on the AccuQuilt.  The strip dies are perfect for cutting a bunch quickly and accurately.  Getting you to the fun part of sewing, faster.

Finally, flying geese.  This classic quilt block is fabulous for creating movement.  It has the ability to not only move the eye up and down.

But when put in a Dutchmen’s Puzzle it can also move the eye around a quilt.

What is your favorite block for creating movement?  Share your quilts with movement in the Facebook group.  I’d love to see them.

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