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Majestic Mountain Quilt Possibilities

As a designer I like to play with the possible ways a block can come together.  Look forward to a series of quilt block possibilities.  Today we will focus on the majestic mountain block.  This block may look difficult.  But if you can make a half square triangle you can make this block.  Learn how with this tutorial.

Now that you know how lets look at ways you can incorporate this block in your quilts.  Lotus is a modern look for this quilt.  It keeps the block in it’s traditional setting and incorporates a lot of open space for beautiful free motion quilting. 

Dutchmen’s journey and Mountain Home use this block as a border.  I like the movement this block adds to a border.  Looking for more creative borders for your quilt?  Check out this post.

Expanding the way you arrange the Majestic Mountain block gives you more options.  In Rhythm and Blues the block is turned to add a beat to the quilt.  Giving a zig zag look that creates a different type of movement.

Make your blocks scrappy by mixing the sections once they are cut.  A Little High A Little Low is an example of this.

Dahlia also does this.  In addition, a partial seam is used.  Enabling the blocks to spin in pinwheel fashion.

These are just a few of the options you can create with the majestic mountain block.  What will you come up with?  I hope you will share with me.

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  • Charlotte Holzhausen says:

    Love every one of the quilts. hope to make one or two of them. too many choices, too little time.

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