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Scrappy Quilt Blocks to Help Manage Your Scraps

If you are like me your scrap bins are always full! Over the years I’ve posted several video tutorials to help you bust your scraps. Today I share tutorials for the 6 most popular scrappy quilt blocks. I hope they inspire you to dive into your scrap bins and create something beautiful!

First up is a scrappy trip around the world. I have a trip around the world quilt my great grandmother made. I love it! You can see it. Plus gain access to my video tutorial for a scrappy trip around the world by visiting this post.

Next we have my twisted rail fence tutorial. I recently put my blocks into a quilt. I’m trying to decide if I want it bigger by adding blocks or a fun border. I’ll let you know when I decide.

Another favorite scrappy quilt block is the granny square. My tutorial features a no waste method. With fabric as expensive as it is. This is a great bonus!

One of my favorites is the pineapple block. I used it to create my Tropicalia quilt. After I got carried away cutting 1 1/2″ strips with my AccuQuilt Go.

The quarter log cabin is also a favorite. Because it was so popular I included it in Summer Nights. This skill building sampler quilt is one of the quilts in my Sew Along series.

And last but not least is the wonky star. You know I love me a little improvisational piecing. These stars can use up even your smallest scraps. They are such a happy block and oh so fun to make.

There you go. Six scrappy quilt blocks to help you manage your scrap bins.  Want more help managing your scraps?  Try Aunt Em’s Scrappy Strip Guide.  IT’S FREE!

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