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Bust Through Your Fabric Scraps with Crumb Quilts

If you’re reading this blog you know I love scrap quilts. You may also know that I love to use even the tiniest pieces. After all they did cost as much as the yardage they came from. In fact I feel they are more precious. Because in addition to their monetary value they now have memories attached. So I take those valuable bits and create crumb quilts.

I first discovered this method from Victoria Findlay Wolf. Her work inspires me. She has been a friend and mentor for years. I have her to thank for my favorite quilt. I would never have dared to tackle a double wedding ring without her encouragement. In addition to this encouragement she has also mentored me in my business. Answering questions and introducing me to contacts. What a great help!

A few years back she suggested I should do a book. Once again I felt the overwhelm. I didn’t know where to start. But with all my children flying the nest. A world wide pandemic that canceled all my teaching engagements. I had time to figure it out. So with the help of the knowledgeable and talented people and David and Charles I’ve created a whole book on crumb quilts.

In addition to the process it has patterns for bed quilts, table runners and and more. You will discover two ways to applique with this unique fabric. It is available in my shop. If you’ve got scraps. You need Crumb Quilts.


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