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Be A Scrap Quilting Star

It’s no secret I love fabric scraps and star quilts.  If you’re reading this you may also love these things.  Would you like to become a scrap quilting star? Let’s explore the possibilities.


First the friendship star.  A simple nine patch combining half square triangles and solid blocks.  This star creates movement with the pinwheel effect of the hst.  It is beginner friendly.  The only thing you really need to pay attention to is the direction of the hsts.   But if you get it wrong you could just call it creative license.  If that doesn’t sit well with you.  It’s not too hard to rip out. 

I recently put this block on point by setting it in a square in a square.  I like how it changed the look in the quilt.


Next is the maverick star.  I have a variation of this star in my logo.  That is one of the great things about this star quilt block.  It lends itself well to different possibilities.  One of the variations is by playing with the center.  Scrap Busting Star a free pattern I offer takes the center and makes it super scrappy. In addition to a scrappy center you could try using a small orphan block  or fussy cutting a novelty print.

Another option is to play with the background blocks.  Try playing with half square triangles.  Depending on how you set them in the block you can create an alternate pattern, like diamonds or pinwheels.  I’ve created a chain in one corner to make my Shooting Star quilt pattern.


If you have a free spirit you may like a wonky star.  I use my tiniest fabric scraps to make my star points.  There are endless possibilities with these.  Wishes shows just a few.

These are just 3 scrappy star possibilities. There are so many more. If you would like help becoming a scrappy quilting star?  I’m offering Become a Scrappy Star workshop.  Join me for one live session.  Plus access to all the lessons for three months.  Get details and sign up here.

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