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Time Saving Tip for Scrap Quilting

I recently created a post about creating more time to sew. I shared three tips to free up more time to sew. Today I’m sharing a bonus tip. You know I love me a scrappy quilt. You may also know that I throw very little away. I use up those tiny little bits of scrap creating crumb quilts and more. What you may not know is that I have a time saving tip. This little trick can save you hours. While still allowing you to get a supper scrappy feel.

Where it may look like I spent hours sewing itty bitty pieces together. I simple sewed together strips sets. Then ran those strips sets through my Accuquilt Go with one of my strip dies. I used this method for my Gradation , Yarn Bomb Tree, Floating Boxes and Enchanted Forest patterns. I also use it when making scrappy nine patches, 16 patches, or more like the centers of the stars in my Scrap Busting Star quilt.

It’s easy to sew the cut scrappy strips if I need a longer piece or unpick a seam to make the strip smaller. I like that this method allows me to include lots of different prints in my quilt without hours of sewing. I just sew a bunch of strip sets together. Then feed them through the Go. I shared this in my interview with Accuquilt. Recently I was asked to show how I do this. Here is my method. In case you would like to use this time saving tip.


  • Lynne Pfeffer says:

    Thanks, Emily. This was really helpful!!!

  • Karen says:

    great idea !

  • kathy says:

    what is the purpose of the extra strips on top of the protective mat?

    • Emily Bailey says:

      I’m not sure what you are referring to. I think you may just be seeing the wear on my mat from using it so much. Please clarify if I’m wrong.

  • Valerie says:

    It occurred to me as I read this that if you sewed the scrappy strip sets into a tube (sew the top strip and bottom strip together) before sub-cutting. You’d end up with a bunch of loops., Then unstitch between different scraps in each loop , then each scrappy strip will be different with no extra effort. I hope that makes sense.

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