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Last week two of my friends lost their mother.  Both to the terrible disease, cancer.  As I attended viewings and funerals my heart ached for my friends and their families.  But it also brought to mind how blessed I have been to have such wonderful people in my life.

I have been friends with Cindy since grade school and her mother also mothered me as we grew and learned about life together.  I have such happy memories of life in her home.  My friend, Amy, and I have raised our kids together.  Her mother was a comfort to me each time I saw here at the doctors.  (I go to the same doctor for my blood disorder that she went to for her cancer.)  Despite her pain and suffering she always had a smile and cheerful word for me.  I will miss both this caring and generous women deeply and pray for peace and healing for their families.


  • Needled Mom says:

    I'm sending prayers for you and for your friends at this time, Em. It is so difficult to see those we love hurting so.

  • Brenda says:

    Sorry for you and your friends. Thanks for sharing the quilt. Did you make it in one of Tonya's online classes?

  • Terri says:

    So sorry for your lose, and theirs.
    Your quilt is great! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Quiltdivajulie says:

    Beautiful post . . .

    Wonderful quilt, too.

  • Julierose says:

    So sorry about your friends' losses………….. I actually remember all the words to that song title in your quilt. My Dad used to play it on the piano and all my aunts and uncles and my Mom would gather round and sing…hopefully your friends' warmest memories will help them with their losses…..hugs, Julierose

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