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5 More Scrap Busting Blocks

Scraps seem to have a way of multiplying.  So I’m always on the look out for fun ways to use them up and create beautiful quilts.  Today let’s explore 5 more scrap busting blocks.

First up, how about a scrappy lozenge block?  These blocks are quick and easy.   Sew them in rows.  Or combine them in sets of two and twist and turn for an different look.  They are also found in my Jewels pattern.  It comes in multiple sizes from baby to queen.  These blocks also give you bonus half square triangles. Here are 20 ideas of what you can do with them.

Next you might like to whip up a few scrappy plus blocks.  These blocks work well with leftover layer cakes or jelly roll strips.  Sash them or put them with an alternate block to make a fun scrap quilt.

Another scrap busting block to try is the Twisted Rail Fence block.  This is one of my most popular tutorials.  It also offers many possible layouts.  And will give you those fun half square triangles to play with.

You could also try the disappearing 9 patch.  By changing up color and fabric placement the layout combinations are endless.

Finally you might like to try the disappearing 4 patch.  Like it’s sister block the disappearing 9 patch it has many layout options.

More ways to Bust Your Scraps

Looking for more scrap busting blocks?  Plus ways to create your own amazing scrap quilts?  Join me in Aunt Em’s Sew Along Adventure.

I hope this scrap busting blocks have got you excited to play in your scrap bins.  Be sure to share what you create with me, email me a picture or share it in my Facebook Group.



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  • Nancy says:

    Love the ideas specifically for scraps – so much fun with fabric bits and pieces that help us stretch our budgets and still make beautiful quilts! Love your youtube videos too, thank you 🙂

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