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Word quilts are a delightful and whimsical way to share a message.  Not only do they warm the body, but also the soul.  They share ideas and can tell a story. Like Tie Dyed Sheep about my grandma growing up on a sheep ranch and being the only sister to not like quilting.  Combined with my son and his love of tie dying.

Word quilts transform language from a mere tool of communication into a artistic expression.  These quilts are not just about words; they capture thoughts, emotions and experiences.  Creating a word quilt enables you to express your unique perspective and personality through carefully chosen phrases and quotes.  See more examples of this kind of quilt here, here, and here.

They can be a way of expressing love.  Giving the quilter a unique way to personalize a quilt for a give recipient.

Word quilt can bring change.  Quilts created around a social issue, environmental concern, or desire to inspire others for good.  These quilt a softer reminder than other forms of social change.  Many people have asked me to make a pattern for my BE THE GOOD quilt.  I finally listened.  You can now find it in my shop.


I also created KISS ME!  in honor of my husband.  Over the years he has lost his thick dark hair.  And has a bald spot on the top of his head.  I call it my lucky spot.  Last year, my friend Ruth and I left early for a retreat because of a storm.  I grabbed a bunch of green scraps to play with during our extra day.  This was the result. 

Do you love word quilts?  I encourage you to make one.  Send your soft message into the world.

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