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Fat Quarter Friendly Quilts

I recently saw a post by Missouri Star on how to cut a fat quarter.  It made me want to stock up on fat quarters.  Which I did.  Do you want to?  Click here and save.  All my fat quarters have got my creative juices flowing.  Do you need a little help knowing how to use your fat quarters?  Try these fat quarter friendly quilts.

First up Posy Parade, a sweet baby quilt.  Simply choose 16 fat quarters for your pretty posies.  Then use the left overs for added color with the corner posts.

Dazzled mixes and matches two fat quarters to make spinning drunkard’s path flowers.

Mix and Match Quilts

Where Desert Rose takes fat quarters cuts them into strips and then using an Essential Triangle or similar ruler.  Cuts those strips into half square and quarter square units to make the stars and background pieces.  You may want to use this trick.  So you don’t end up with all of one color or design at the end of making all your blocks.

Just Desserts was designed to honor my family’s bakery.  The 16 patch petit four cakes are strip pieced.  While the pies are cut from squares.  The pattern show you how to cut the fat quarter for minimal waste.

Suburbia uses a combination of fat quarters to create 4 different blocks.  Giving the quilt a scrap happy feel.

I like to have scrappy backgrounds.  I used a bunch of low volume fat quarters to create the background for my vines, in Divine.

In addition, Twisted star uses 10 fat quarters to create twirling stars and a chain pieced Irish chain.  Once again use the trick above to ensure you have options when creating your last star. 

Finally Modern Gem’s is super fat quarter friendly.  When I kit it I do so with fat quarters.  A fat quarter is just the right length for the strip pieced plus blocks.  And you can get the squares for the snowball with minimal waste.   I’ll be teaching this quilt next March on a cruise.  Click to join me.  No need to bring a machine.  They have them for you.  Plus if you want they have a kit with all your fabric and pattern.  It’s going to be fun!

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