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3 Quick Piecing Techniques

If you’re like me your bucket list of quilts is longer than the time you have to create them. So having an arsenal quick piecing techniques can help you get more of your quilts done.

Strip Piecing

The first quick piecing technique I have for you is strip piecing. This method is accomplished by sewing strips into sets and then sub cutting into the pieces you will use in your quilt. It eliminates the need to work with small pieces and individual fabrics. One of my favorite ways to do strip piecing is shown here.

Privative Spools

To ensure success with your strip piecing make sure your strips are cut accurately. Next check your seam. An inaccurate seam, more or less than 1/4″ will add up as you sew on additional strips. I like to set the seam before pressing to one side. Finally if you sew the strips on in different directions. (start at the end you finished on in the previous strip.) This keep things from bowing and arching.

Chain Piecing

My next quick piecing technique is to chain your pieces. This not only saves time it saves on thread. To chain piece you simply feed in your pieces one after another without cutting the thread in between. I like to keep a leaders and enders project going This allows me to keep my chain going even when finishing up blocks, rows and quilts. Plus it’s a great way to get a bonus quilt. I have this handy thread cutter to snip the threads between my pieces. It’s a lot faster than scissors. Plus it’s safe.

Multiple Flying Geese

The last time saving technique I’d like to share is no waste flying geese. This method allows you to make multiple flying geese at one time. Find a tutorial to make multiple flying geese here. Plus if you are interested I have a cheat sheet that gives measurements to make them in different sizes. Looking for patterns that use flying geese. You may want to try these.


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