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5 Tips to Get Organized & Ready to Create

Sometimes you need a fresh start to get the creative juices flowing. If the creative clutter in your sewing room is putting a damper on the creative process try these five tips to get organized.

Tip  1 Fabric Storage

First it’s hard to start a project if you can’t find the right fabric.  I like to store my scraps by color in these boxes.  They are stackable so you can go vortical with your storage.  I like that they are also clear.  Enabling you to see what is inside.  I prefer the small shoe box size.  It just keeps things from getting out of hand.  When one gets full.  I simple create a quilt around that color.  I do the same think with my yardage.  But I use this size that slide nicely under beds or for me my under the stairs shelves.  For pre-cuts these colorful storage containers are great for the ones you are not displaying in your room.  They have a clear side.  So no guess work as to what you’ve stored away.  Click to get more details on my fabric sorting system.

Tip 2 Tools

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find your tools.  I hate when I have to give my sewing area the pat down to find my scissors, rotary cutter, or seam ripper. Keep them visible on your work surface with the Prym Love Hold & Store.  This can be found at Missouri Star.  Use this one time use coupon to receive 15% off your final purchase. For my tools that I keep in a drawer, these drawer organizers are wonderful.

Tip 3 Patterns

Keep your patterns easy to find and fun to peruse with these pretty binders also available through Missouri Star.  They look nice on your shelf with all your quilting books. And when you are looking for that next perfect project.  They are easy to flip through. I like to put my patterns in alphabetical order.  But use the method that works for you.

Tip 4 Projects

Never accidently use your binding fabric on a different project.  Keep everything you need for that special project together in a Super Satchel Storage box. These boxes are easy to carry.  They stack, are see through and acid free.  Perfect for keeping your projects safe and intact.


Tip 5 Rulers

Get organized when it comes to your rulers with Omnigrid’s Wooden Ruler Rack.  With the non skid bottom it keep your rulers ready at a glance.

Now that your organized and ready to create.  I hope you’ll join us at Aunt Em’s Sew Along Adventure, to discover creative ways to turn your scraps and stash into beautiful quilts.

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