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I have always loved musicals. Growing up in a home with three sisters we watched a lot of musicals, my poor brother. My dad would say it should be a requirement for young men. That way they would know how a girl expects to be treated. Frankly my brother couldn’t have cared less. He is definitely not a romantic. Musicals may have turned him off. 

I first watched Guys and Dolls in college. I have watched it many times since. I have it on DVD. A Bushel and A Peck is a favorite song from it. I thought it a fitting name for my newest quilt pattern. With square bushel blocks and giant x’s (pecks) I just couldn’t resist. 

. I had fun quilting leaves and flowers in the bushel blocks.

 And pomegranate shapes in the x’s.

 This pattern is charm and layer cake friendly. In case you have one laying around and are looking for a home for it. I used The Good Life, by Camille and Bonnie, for Moda. It will be in shops in Aug. Mark your calendars or pre-order now. It is really a cute line. 

If you use a layer cake you will have leftover squares. You might want to try this free pattern with. My daughter and her friend are making one for neighbor’s new baby. If your looking for fabric, and who is not always looking for new fabric? Crafty is having a sale. 60% off. Hop on over and have some fun retail therapy.


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